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Fun fact about Adventure Visionaries:

In 2018 Adventure Visionaries opens for business.

Our mission is to create ample opportunities for our grassroot artists to monetise their passions while enjoying the activities they love most. We will unite individual artist of all mediums, the “lone wolves” per say, into a closely knit network that promotes the growth and authenticity of outdoor content creation. Through our collective efforts we will promote the community's vision, bringing awareness and recognition to our members’ diverse set of talents. The overall goal of Adventure Visionaries is to create synergistic relationships which will provide the means to maintaining a sustainable income for each contributing member through the exchange of their artistry and expertise.

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About us

Inspired by the communities we found in the climbing world, and the number of fellow ‘starving creatives’ we bump into along the road, we set out to create a community of our own – a Collective of artists who aspire to be different, to raise the bar and provide premium quality content for the brands who promote what we love - but without the premium price.

Advocacy Program

We recognize just how valuable our communities and the places we choose to spend our time are, so we’re dedicated to giving back to the people and places we love. Have a cause you’re particularly passionate about? Let us know how we can get involved!

We're Authentic

We work where we play, and we love what we do. We pride ourselves in accurately representing the communities we work with and generating meaningful and strategic programs.

Our growth

Not only do we educate our members on how to turn their passions into a living, but we educate our clients on best practices, trends, and updates while serving their needs. Our goal is to provide an environment that caters to the successful growth of our communities.

Who we are

Adventure Visionaries is a full circle marketing platform represented by the outdoor community. Our leading founders all have carried over their diverse experience from the careers they have held in the industry in order to create a full-service platform that caters to businesses in the "Outdoor Space". By curating content relevant to your business, presenting you with easily accessible creators, and enabling you to design your marketing road map, Adventure Visionaries hope to further establish your success in the Outdoor Industry.

Work progress

From start to finish, Adventure Visionaries makes your marketing worries a thing of the past!

1. We Discover Your Needs

2. Follow Along With Our Creative Process

3. Delivery of Final Product

Founding Creatives

The Visionaries

Our leading founders and members have carried over diverse experience and skills to create a full-service platform that helps further establish your success in the Outdoor Industry.

Carlos Flores - Founder & Ceo

Carlos Flores

Creator & CEO


Caroline Mayou - Marketing

Caroline Mayou

West Coast


Leah Anderson - Marketing

Leah Anderson

Rocky Mountain


Sierra Rose Knott - Marketing

Sierra Rose Knott

West Coast


Nick Montemarno - Video

Nick Montemarano

West Coast


Julia Farbman - Design

Julia Farbman

West Coast


Kyle Vines - Design

Kyle Vines

Rocky Mountain


Kris Xavier - Photography

Kris Xavier

Rocky Mountain


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